The world is in crisis...

In crisis of trust, in crisis of confidence, crisis of faith.

We lost faith in politics, corporations, medias, governments and... religions.

We're wrecking the planet and we can't seem to be able to stop the machinery that we created.


Religions used to be the way to help people orient themselves in the world. But current established religions have nothing valid to say about the modern world. They are stuck in the past, failing to answer the concerns of everyday people. They keep repeating patterns that they've been taught, simply to maintain the status quo. They fail to acknowledge the advances of knowledge that the scientific method offered us. As if they have monopoly on knowledge and nothing new can ever be valid.

Therefore they set the ideological grounds  for fanaticism.

Fanaticism takes its root from the extreme affinity people have with their beliefs, often a belief becomes an identity and challenging one's belief is akin to challenging one's person for many. This leads to individuals failing to recognize evidence against their own beliefs and wanting to maintain social order and their own position in society at all cost.


We're wrecking the planet and we can't seem to be able to stop the machinery that we created.

Free market's inception is rooted in the idea that the interest of the self are connected to the interests of the collective. And we would be forced to admit that it is an ideology that served us well for many years. But safeguards haven't been put in place and it has some design flaws that needs to be dealt with. Capitalism's machinery forces good willing individual to partake in its system and perpetuate the machinery even against their own personal values.

That is why journalists would dramatize information to maintain their job even if they care about truth.

That is why academics would not dare to consider new possibilities to maintain their reputation.

That is why most don't speak up their honest mind by fear of losing their job.


Modern atheism radicalized itself in reaction to equally radicalized religions.

Using science as tool to make the claim that There is no god. Yet modern atheism fall again into a dogma where it pretends to know whether there is a god or not. Science does not have the answer to this question.

In fact if anything it might suggest that the universe has been designed with intent. According to our current understanding of reality the universe shouldn't even exist.

Beside religions have survived for thousands of years, they are part of every civilization. Humans long for meaning understanding the connection between themselves and everything else. We are both gifted and cursed with the awareness of our own selves.

We are part of this world, we are part of nature, we're not separate from it. And if we lose this connection, we lose ourselves.

We do not know whom to trust anymore. So where shall we turn to next?

It's time for something new.

Something free of all dogmas. Be it one way or an other. Something simple that everyone can relate to.


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